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AMS - A Large-Scaled Project In The Netherlands

In September 2020, Blu 3 UK Ltd (Netherland Branch) appointed STAP on a project in Holland where they were using a combination of a pan shuttering system on the internal face of walls and timber shuttering on the outside face of the walls. The project is A large-scale data centre project on behalf of a bluechip software company.

Throughout 2020, STAP designed the following;

  • Ground Bearing Capacity for Site Cabin Leg Load Check & Foundation Design
  • Site Haul Road Design
  • Piling Mat & Working Platform Design for Hitachi CX 700 GLS / KH230 GLS & and Junttan PM 20LC

In 2021, STAP went on to design;

  • Generator Base / Foundation Design – 2 options
  • Ground Bearing Capacity for Site Accommodation Leg Load Check & Foundation Design
  • Protective Concrete Slab
  • Protective Concrete Slab (Depth & Reinforcement)
  • Temporary UGS Ditch Crossing - Sheet Pile

Going into 2022, STAP’s works continued;

  • 14 22kV & 11kV Equipment Base with Cable Trench
  • Equipment Unit Ground Bearing Design Checks for MDU No. 1, TX No. 1-5, SIDU No. 1-5, SMDU No. 1 & Temporary Generator Base 1 MVA
  • 5m Temporary Light Column Foundation & Stability Design Check: - Buried-in-Ground, Concrete Blocks, In Sleeve & Concrete Buried-in-Ground
  • Pile Cap & Double-Sided Ground Beam Timber Formwork Design
  • 2No. Temporary Site Haul Road Design (Build-up A & B)
  • Permanent Haul Road Design