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STAP Structural Engineering Ltd - Expert Structural Engineers in London, Kent, and Surrounding Regions for Commercial and Residential Projects

Are you looking for a civil engineering company in London? A company that you can trust and work closely with to get your project complete?

Civil engineering are engineers that can translate big ideas into breathtaking structures.

We have an unbeatable track record in delivering both minor and major projects across a range of sectors and industries, from the development of bridges to the renovations of your home. We ensure to design a sustainable yet robust service while being able to deliver an infrastructure that meets our clients’ requirements. It is crucial that a structure is designed and built to withstand the pressure of the environment and any weather elements that may arise.

Throughout the entire project, our leading team of civil engineers will be able to support you. From feasibility to economical appraisals, it is crucial that works are completed safely and efficiently. Whether you are a commercial client that is looking at developing railways, offices or water supplies, or a domestic client that is looking at renovating your existing property or building your dream home from scratch STAP Structural Engineering has the expertise to develop an in-depth civil engineering project with you.

The purpose of civil engineers is to design, create and build the big wide world around us. Civil engineers are here to build towns and cities that provide for the people that live in these locations. Civil engineering is a practice that is the first step to building London and the surrounding areas. Without civil engineering London would not be built the way it is today, the Shard, Buckingham Palace and The House of Commons would all need civil engineers before works of renovation or construction can begin.

Civil engineers design, build and supervise infrastructure projects and systems to ensure that the projects are completed safely and securely. As a company that can provide a variety of projects with civil engineers, we typically work in a wide range of locations and conditions, typically we work outside on construction sites so that we can ensure that we can monitor operations and solve any problems that may arise.

Our expert engineers have a professional outlook on executing structural works that serve the public, this can be shown in a variety of aspects from bridges to canals to sewerage works to infrastructure. There are three types of civil engineering, this can be performed at different points of the construction process. Before construction, we will complete site investigations and the design process. During the construction we will look after our clients and consult with the engineers and contractors and finally, once the construction process has been completed we will maintain and continue completing research to ensure that the project has run smoothly.

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Before any project is started it is crucial that extensive studies are completed. Our civil engineers will then be able to provide you with a wealth of recommendations to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Not only will we provide you with recommendations, but we will also put together solutions as to what would be the best choice both economically and to minimise the risk of problems occurring.

When we first visit the site we will plan an extensive investigation to ensure that the site can support the infrastructure you are wishing to complete. At this point, our civil engineering team will then provide you with an abundance of knowledge and understanding as to whether any necessary changes should be made. Most importantly, the stability of the ground and the load-bearing qualities will be analysed to ensure safety is the top priority.

From here, the design of the engineering works will be rigorously analysed by computer-aided designs to ensure that the project will be secure and any final changes will be put into play.

Then onto the construction aspect of any large infrastructure being built, civil engineering in London is a leading industry that has an important role in the way London looks today. If any changes are to be made during this process our civil engineers must agree to this and ensure that the structural integrity is not compromised.

Once the infrastructure is complete, regular maintenance is required, it is our responsibility to provide civil engineering in London and ensure that any structure's structural integrity has not been compromised over a period of time.