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    Are you looking for an experienced civil engineering company in Kent?

    Do you have a civil engineering project due to commence but need a company that you can trust and rely on?

    If you have a project that a civil engineering project that needs a hard-working team that is motivated, no matter the size of the job, STAP Structural Engineering is here to help.

    Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that completes the design, construction and maintenance of a physical built environment such as pipelines and sewage systems. As one of the leading businesses in Kent for civil engineering, we work closely with surveyors in designing drainage, water supply, dams and sewer services.

    We have many years within the industry working on a variety of projects, no project is too small. We have the expertise to get your civil engineering project completed efficiently. Here at STAP Structural Engineering, we are a privately-owned structural engineering and civil engineering company that has worked with a variety of clients from developers to contractors. We predominately provide Kent with our civil engineering expertise, our biggest aim is to ensure that we provide each of our clients with a top-quality service.

    The UK’s Leading Civil Engineers

    We are one of the leading Civil Engineering businesses in Kent, we have a wealth of experience and have a team of respected civil contractors. We take great pride in ourselves knowing that we have a great ability to execute work in a timely manner.

    STAP Structural Engineering can deliver end-to-end civil engineering solutions for a wide range of infrastructure projects. We take great pride in being a well-respected business with a proven track record working with a wide variety of clients from innovative projects to local authorities.

    We have a firm and complex understanding of intricate infrastructure and building projects including drainage construction, sustainable drainage solutions, foundation and oversite construction, offshore platforms and bespoke projects.

    Looking for a reliable civil engineer is something that can be tricky to find, this is why you can put your trust in STAP Structural Engineering. Our engineers have the ability to plan, design and manage large construction projects. These projects can include transport links to buildings and other major infrastructures. Our expert engineers use computer modelling software, surveys, tests and maps to create the project blueprints to ensure that we meet each of our client’s requirements. These plans are then given to the contractors to decide on the best course of action so that the environment has minimal impact.

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    As Kent civil engineers we will assist with site investigations, assess the worth as well as the potential risks of all projects, developing blueprints for the projects using computer aided design (CAD) as well as using specialised computer modelling software to analyse surveys and mapping data to ensure that your project is completed without a hiccup, our engineers will then liaise with architects, subcontractors and consultants. With each of our projects, we ensure that all legal requirements and health and safety standards are met to ensure that projects run smoothly. It is also crucial that we assess each project environmental impact and potential risk to ensure that requirements are met.

    We specialise in the structural engineering path of civil engineering, our team has the ability and skill to create man made structures. We have great knowledge and understanding of structural and civil engineering, we can design these commercial structures to withstand the stress and pressure of the environment, guaranteeing that the structure remains safe and stable throughout its entire lifespan. The most important factor for any civil engineering project is that the buildings and structures they are developing are safe and do not collapse.

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    "They are the best design construction firm I have ever worked with. Always delivering the best services"

    Jo A

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      Civil engineering is one of the oldest styles of engineering, no matter the size of the project a STAP Structural Engineering offers Kent unbeatable civil engineering. Using our broad range of expertise and experience, we ensure to deliver cost-effective service that is tailor-made for each of our clients.

      We take great pride in working closely with our clients and suppliers ensuring that we share skills and expertise for orderly project delivery, our health and safety is always our main priority. We have an existential record of working in frameworks and partnerships. We offer either construct-only or strategic assessment management, both of which has earned us our leading reputation of being one of the leading Kent civil engineering companies.

      Contact STAP Structural Engineering today to discuss all your requirements and our team of experts will give you a full understanding of who we are, what we do and the best approach to take to get your project completed. We are a reliable and trustworthy business that have an abundance of knowledge and experience to get each Kent civil engineering project complete promptly.