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Are You Looking For A Structural Engineer in Dartford or Kent?

Are you searching for a structural engineer in Dartford or Kent? We at Stap Structural Engineering could be the answer. We are a leading structural engineer in Dartford and offer a broad spectrum of structural engineering services for domestic and commercial clients. Working alongside architects and building consultants, we ensure the complete structural safety of buildings and infrastructures. We also complete structural steel developments. So, if you’re looking for an experienced and reliable structural engineer in Dartford, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE quote.

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    What is a structural engineer?

    Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that is concerned with the analysis, planning and design of infrastructures and structures such as bridges, office blocks, schools, homes and more. Structural engineering is vital to ensuring that these structures remain strong and structurally safe. Simply put, structural engineering ensures that buildings don’t fall down or collapse.

    What does a structural engineer in Dartford do?

    As a leading structural engineer in Kent, we will apply mathematics and physics to the design specifications and structure of buildings. Our calculations are used to determine whether a structure will withstand environmental stresses, remain stable in all weather conditions, and will support the weight of people and equipment.

    Here are the simple steps that we undertake as your structural engineer in Dartford…

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    • Research& Analyse – Before we take the steps to plan and design your structure, we will thoroughly research and analyse:
      1. Blueprints and maps.
      2. Topographical (forms and features of land surface) data.
      3. Environmental data.

    Using this research and analysis we will be able to generate reports to predict the performance of materials (such as concrete) and structural elements (such as foundations) to ensure the complete structural safety of your buildings.

    • Plan & Design –As a professional structural engineer in Dartford, we will be on hand throughout to provide Building Regulations and Planning Permission packages. These include plans and structural calculations, as well as advice and support to our clients at every stage of development. We will provide structural, detailed 3D drawings and calculations which will be used by your building contractor and/or architect during the construction process.




    When do I need a structural engineer in Dartford, Kent?

    Structural engineering may be required for many reasons. Here’s where we can help…



    Do I legally need a structural engineer?

    Most building and construction work needs to meet building regulations and planning permission criteria by law. Therefore, you do legally require a structural engineer to assess and plan your structure so that it meets these regulations.


    How much does a structural engineer in Essex cost?

    Many things will influence the cost of your structural engineering project. Here is a handy guide for the average cost of structural engineering in Dartford…

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