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Are you looking for a structural engineer in Romsey?

When it comes to handling big home projects or commercial projects, often you will find yourself with a huge list of professionals that may be able to help. This can be a frustrating and stressful task. One of the most strenuous tasks is finding a structural engineer in Romsey that you can trust with such a big task.

As structural engineers, we understand in-depth that buildings have to have extreme strength and stability. This is why structural engineers exist, we specialise in the structure of buildings while ensuring that the structure has strength and durability while guaranteeing that safety is key.

As the leading structural engineer in Romsey, we have the skills and knowledge to tell you exactly how and where to place beams to ensure the cohesion of your structure. Whether you are looking for advice on the foundations of your structure or looking for a way to strengthen a current building to ensure it is safe STAP Structural Engineering has the knowledge and experience to do just this.

Typically, you will need a reliable structural engineer in Romsey if you are building an extension on your property, converting your loft space into a bedroom for guests when they visit, modifying or removing load-bearing walls inside your home, building an extension on your office space or extending a car parking area at a shopping centre. If your job involves building regulations then you will be required to have a structural engineer oversees the project from the get-go.

When you first contact STAP Structural Engineering, the first thing that the structural engineer will need is an initial briefing for the project you are looking to undertake. You will be required to provide as much background information as possible, this will include, but not limited to, any measured surveys that have already been undertaken. The structural engineers will then arrange a home/site visit where they will take accurate measurements of the property and the area that will be being developed. The engineers will then work alongside and liaise with the architect to put together an in-detail plan that can be then submitted to your local building authorities.

There are many aspects that determine the price of your project, the most importantly the factors that we consider are, the size of the project and the type of the project. As a trustworthy and budget-friendly company, STAP Structural Engineering will not overcharge you for a job, this being said, STAP Structural Engineering will guarantee not to cut corners and will provide you with a reliable service.

As structural engineers, we analyse and design the structural support systems that buildings and other large structures require. Our structural engineers in Romsey are able to analyse gravity supports and lateral force resistance to then design a structure suitably. As structural engineers, we can create a plan that is necessary to guarantee that a building or structure does not fall down and will withstand the test of time. Safety is our number one priority and this is why with our keen eye for detail as well as our abundance of knowledge, we have the wealth and knowledge to provide in-depth detailed designs to keep the public and employees safe.

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One of the most important factors to remember is that structural engineers are civil engineers, but not all civil engineers are structural engineers, but here at STAP Structural Engineering, we have both structural and civil engineers. As structural engineers, we focus steadily on ensuring that we provide good construction designs so that all loads and forces are accounted for when designing the original construction plans. As structural engineers, we have the ability to develop plans and designs for existing and proposed structures for a variety of projects from housing extensions to bridges to car parks to building renovations. The majority of our work comes from developing structural engineering projects for domestic properties such as extensions and commercial buildings.

Many of our clients initially did not realise that they would need a structural engineer for their residential building project, this typically until they speak to a professional and it is requested. Typically, a structural engineer is required when a project is to be undertaken such as changes to an existing structure such as the removal of a load-bearing wall to make extra space in a kitchen or a new structure is being designed such as a home extension. Each project may be entirely different in size, some projects are major renovations and may require an architect, whereas minor renovations may eliminate this step entirely, although both projects will require a structural engineer.

Here at STAP Structural Engineering we understand the importance of a reliable structural engineer as well as understand all aspects of building construction including the structural components to make the project safe and secure.